Performance Benefits

  • No Lost Rig Time

    Davis Fluid Caliper simply breaks the union and installs a volume meter on the discharge end of your mud pump. The survey is run while you drill ahead or circulate to condition the hole before running casing.

  • No Guesswork

    A highly-accurate electronic recorder gives you positive readings, already converted into cubic feet. Unlike wireline caliper surveys, there’s no chance of mathematical error in converting hole sizes to-cubic feet.

  • No Foul Ups

    Nothing mechanical is run in the hole. No fishing problems. No skipped over fusions, cavities, or theft zones. Best of all, better cementing results without the necessity for extra temperature logs, 1” jobs, perforations, or squeeze jobs.

  • Fully Proven

    Davis Fluid Caliper has been proven consistently reliable in all parts of the US, in literally thousands of successful jobs, including wells to 27,000 feet and below.

  • Low Cost

    Users tell us that the Fluid Caliper cost virtually adds up to zero when they balance the savings in rig time and wireline surveys.